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Kit 4 Kegel Balls Silicone

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New balls arrive to the Adalet family with a new format.

Made of the highest quality silic...

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New balls arrive to the Adalet family with a new format.

Made of the highest quality silicone, they are perfect for exercising your vaginal muscles in a safe and effective way.

This kit has 4 balls, each with a different weight and color. Each color corresponds to a different weight, so that you are not mistaken and start exercising your vaginal muscles according to your needs.

Use the balls together with the soft and safe silicone cord with which you can combine two of the balls, according to your wishes and needs at all times.

  • But why is it so important to exercise the pelvic floor and your vaginal muscles?

The pelvic floor is the muscles that support the weight of our pelvic organs and is usually weakened by events of daily life, such as pregnancy, a sedentary life or at the time of menopause.

By exercising these muscles we make them stronger, avoiding problems such as loss of urine and increasing the quality and potency of orgasms. Remember that you must first clean the balls with a good toy cleaner to optimize their useful life.

If you are a beginner, we recommend using the light pink and the blue ball, 15 gr and 25 gr respectively. Lie on the bed or on a mat, where you are most comfortable, and introduce the balls about 2 cm from the vagina, without introducing them very deep. If you need it, you can use a water-based lubricant for better insertion. It is very important that you are relaxed, control your breathing and relax the vagina.

When you have controlled the lighter balls, you will be able to gain weight and start using the dark blue and pink, so until you get to use the dark pink and purple. The vivid colors of Adalet balls will guide you on your journey in the world of pelvic exercise. To be sure of the ball change, keep in mind that the ball you leave behind should not weigh you anything.

To perform the exercises correctly you will have to have a consistency in the time of use, that is, if you make contractions of 3 seconds with the ball, you will have to rest 3 seconds. If you need to rest more between each contraction do not worry, take the time you need.

It is advisable to do a series of 10 repetitions a day, but as we have said, you at your own pace, little by little until you can reach 10 repetitions.

To keep your Kegel balls in a suitable place, Adalet comes with a box with a lid so you can keep them safe and clean and use them as long as possible.


  • With the ball in the vagina, contract your muscles (as if you cut the flow of urine) trying to raise the ball
  • Keep the contraction for 2 to 10 seconds (according to your needs) breathing deeply
  • Release the air and the contraction and rest the same time you made the contraction


  • Kegel 4 ball kit
  • Soft silicone cord
  • High quality silicone
  • Weight indicator color
  • Silicone cord
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Waterprof
  • Diameter: 30mm


  • Light pink ball: 15 gr
  • Blue ball: 25gr
  • Dark pink ball: 35 gr
  • Purple Ball: 55 gr
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