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Truth Game Erotic Couples Edition (ES)

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69 questions ..., the truth is the only thing that counts

69 challenges ... for the one who dares...

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69 questions ..., the truth is the only thing that counts

69 challenges ... for the one who dares

After the overwhelming success of Erotic Party Edition, the well-known game for groups of friends, MOODZZ has created an intimate version for couples.

Like its predecessor, this erotic game for two contains 69 very personal questions and 69 provocative challenges. This daring and extremely exciting game will connect you much more to your partner, both inside and outside the bed.

This daring and erotic game is designed for a couple, but you can play with more people. In that case, will you choose your own partner when you have to face a challenge, or ...? Decide in common what will make you enjoy more.

Shoot the Truth or Challenge coin included in the game to find out what type of card you should take. With TRUE cards, you will only earn points if you give a sincere answer. And the more details, the better! With the CHALLENGE cards you will earn points by successfully completing a challenging challenge. The number of hearts on each card determines how many points you can win. Do not you want to answer the question or do the action you have taken? There is no problem ... but those points will be subtracted from your marker. Everything is allowed, but nothing is obligatory. How far will you dare to get together?

Some examples of questions and challenges:

  • For at least 30 seconds, imitate how your orgasm is slowly increasing until it explodes. Use your whole body if you need it and do not forget to add sound effects.
  • What sexual practice would you love to do with your partner but have never tried together?
  • Do you dare to bet that you are able to find at least five erogenous zones of your partner using only the tongue? To decide if you have overcome the challenge, your partner should be a stern but fair judge. Ready, Set, Go!

You can play The Game of the Truth - Erotic Edition for Couples in pairs or between several pairs. This daring and passionate game guarantees an authentic, exciting and fun-filled experience. If you play with a score, decide in advance the prize of the winner (and what you expect from the loser).

The time has come for The Game of Truth - Erotic Edition for Couples! Who dares?

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